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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Take His Time?

So, my laugh of the day started yesterday, when I heard a newscaster say that President Obama planned to "take his time" in making a decision on if or when to send more troops to Afghanistan.

Really? Hasn't he already been doing that? A month ago we all heard that McChrystal had asked for more troops, and shortly after that we found out that the original assessment/request was sent in a month before that.

Two months, and now we hear that they are going to take their time? They have been taking their time already. My guess is whenever the commander in chief decides he has to decide, Congress will then want hearings to second guess whatever that decision is, delaying things even longer.

Here's where the real problem is for Obama. He can't ignore McChrystal, he spent his short time in the Senate telling GWB that he was an idiot for not listening to the commanders on the ground. )Well, until the commanders said they needed more troops, then he said Bush was an idiot for listening to them). The he complained he was wasting time in Iraq and not concentrating on Afghanistan.

Now he's in the drivers seat, and it's time to concentrate harder on Afghanistan, and those damn folks over there refuse to realize he is The One© and just lay down arms and sing Kumbaya. So the apparent strategy is just ignore everything, and hope everyone forgets to fight over there.

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Blogger LargeBill said...

An old adage of leadership is you have to be ready to make a decision. No one has confidence in a boss that seems to vacillate because it appears he has little confidence in his decision. He either needs to commit himself to fighting the fight fully or get our guys the hell out of there. I can accept that we will have casualties when we engage the enemy. I can not accept asking those soldiers, sailors and Marine to take that risk if we are not fully committed to winning.

5:27 PM  

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