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Friday, September 08, 2006

Democrats and National Security

The Democratic Party has two problems with national security this week, well really three.

The first is their hissy fit reaction to the "Path to 9/11" miniseries ABC plans to air Monday and Tuesday. Evidently the fact that the Clinton administration is portrayed as less than engaged on the issue of getting Bin Laden; which is pretty factual; has them in an uproar.

While George Bush hasn't done any better at catching Bin Laden, he at least gets points for trying. The left is having fits because the truth about the previous administration's handling of terrorist acts is going to be aired on national TV. If they had their way, everyone would forget that Khobar Towers, the first WTC attack, and the attack on the Cole happened while they were in office. According to the new spin from the left, terrorism didn't start until 9/11 and anything contrary to that is blasphemy.

Unfortunately it seems that ABC is caving to pressure from the left to edit the Clinton era portion of the docu-drama, which is too bad.

The second is far left darling Russ Feingold holding hostage legislation to codify what type of surveillence the president and NSA can order conducted on suspected terrorist phone calls.

Lets all keep in mind, Russ is one of the folks who's screamed for the last year that Congress needs to authorize some sort of program. Now that the bill is in congress, Russ wants to hold it up.

The words of Arlen Specter, no friend of the current program, and one of the chief architects of the bill now in committee pretty well sum up Mr. Feingold's stand:
"We have seen the incipient stage of filibuster by amendment," the Pennsylvania Republican testily declared as he called off a vote to move his bill to the Senate floor. "Filibuster by speech, filibuster by amendment. Obstructionism."

And, finally, PlameGate is biting the left, and the MSM hard in the ass this week, as Richard Armitage comes out as the guy who gave Valerie's name to the media, not Karl Rove, not Scooter Libby.

Why did he think it was okay? Well, her name and job titler were on a State Department memo that was unclassified.

Now, since according to RA, this disclosure came fairly early in the investigation we should find out why the investigation continued. The truth probably won't come out in so many words, but MEDIA PRESSURE is the most likely answer.

David Broder has a great piece on the whole affair from yesterday's paper, and rips the media including a number of folks by name for their wonderful conduct of a witch hunt. For a good laugh, go through the Technorati links to the piece, and read the lefts spin on it.

One wonders how this little revealation will affect the Wilson's lawsuit against Rove and Bush for supposedly concocting this whole scheme. I think I smell an order of dismissal coming down the pike fairly soon.

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