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Friday, August 25, 2006

Something Outstanding to Read Today

If you need some good reading today, check out Thunder Run's post "Feigned Support - I'm Sick Of It". David does a great job of blowing a few liberal arguements about recruiting, retention, thand the Individual Ready Reserve out of the water for a commenter who is obviously clueless.

He also throws a pretty good right jab over the left's arguement about boots on the ground in Iraq/Afghanistan.

The media has made much of the Marine Corps calling up "Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)" troops for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. For those who don't understand what the IRR is, he's a quick explaination.

When you enlist in the military it is for either a six or eight year obligation, depending on your specialty. Normally that time frame includes 4-6 years of active duty, and 2-4 years in the Individual Ready Reserve.

Unlike "active reserve" troops, IRR troops aren't required to drill with a unit, they receive no pay and benefits for those years. The enlistment document just states that until the end of the obligated time, you are eligible for recall to active duty, as is any other reservist.

So, contrary to popular belief in some media circles, the Marines aren't calling up people who's obligation has already ended, they are just calling on a different batch of reservists. If they read their papers, knew they were eligible for it. Just like I know that until 30 June 2013 I'm eligible for recall from the "fleet reserve" component of the Navy, I read the papers I signed.

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Blogger Lone Pony said...

Thanks for making this clear Bob. Sometimes I wonder if people in the media are twisting things on purpose (twisted?) or just plain old stupid and don't know the facts themselves.

7:54 AM  
Blogger LargeBill said...


It is probably a combination. Unlike in the decades after WW II, newsrooms don't have many veterans to advise the younger reporter. Plus reporters have taken to deciding what point they want to make and then fitting the news to match.


I doubt they are going to look at us Fleet Reservist's. The Navy probably realizes most of us no longer fit in the uniform after a few years off the ships. Personally, if they want to recall me that's fine but they better hurry I reach my 30 about two years from now.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Bob - add haloscan comments - will ya. Glad you are reading Thunder Run - good stuff!

2:52 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...


Haloscan must be having a bad day, their comments are (usually) available.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Frank Staheli said...

The liberals are really nervous now. Their Cana conspiracy has been unearthed, and nobody is taking Jimmy Carter seriously. As their next election failure approaches, they latch onto anything they can, however silly or untruthful it may be.

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope more non-service members read this post and understand how it works so they can comment from an educated position.

We used to call it "inactive reserve" back in the (gulp) 80s.

6:46 PM  

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