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Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Diet Method

I've decided of late that I need to drop a few pounds. So, I had
replaced most of my beer intake with fruit juices. But doing some
research tonight, I found that a 12 oz can of Miller High Life has 22
LESS calories than 12 oz of Apple Juice, and about 1/3 the carbs!

So, in keeping with my desire to lose weight, I am now replacing ALL of
my fruit juice intake with Miller High Life. Not sure that the boss will
buy that when I break out a beer at my desk while I eat my veggie wrap
for lunch, but I guess I can try and explain it to him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should replace your Miller High Life with cyanide, and just off your fat, ugly, RepubliKKKan MAFIA supporting ass.

1:39 AM  

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