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Monday, September 26, 2005

Commander In Grief Arrested at Home of Commander In Chief

Cindy Sheehan, a woman who's gained fame as America's "Commander in Grief" was arrested today outside the White House while protesting the war in Iraq. Good on you Cindy, it's your right to demonstrate, and I spent 21 years of my life defending it.

Though I would caution, while you were yelling that "the whole world is watching", many of us were cheering.

On the Cindy beat, evidently she's sent an apology to readers of "The Daily Kos" for her rant about CNN not showing her on Saturday, and instead of concentrating on a hurricane.

Maybe she was hurt that readers on a leftwing website would say things that implied she's turning into the self-centered grandstanding egomaniac the right has portrayed her as.

While I hate the destruction caused by Katrina and Rita, I will say that the nearly month long break from Cindy news was kind of refreshing.


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