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Friday, September 02, 2005

If You are Healthy Enough To Loot...

If you are one of the folks in N.O. healthy enough to loot, I don't wanna hear your crying about the state of the city! If you've got enough energy to loot stores, shoot at the folks trying to help, and bitch, you probably were healthy enough to leave when you were told to.

Hopefully the arrival of the guard will cause the departure of looters, either in body bags, hand cuffs, or if they are smart, empty handed, on a bus, acting like the thousands of other stranded folks.

For those who were pillaging TV, stereo and computer equipment, if you get out of town with it I truly hope you get electrocuted when you plug it in, that's what you deserve.

If you took food to feed yourself and distributed it to others, good on you, thanks for trying to do the sensible thing.


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