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Friday, September 02, 2005

Super George To The Rescue?

Reading the Washington Post editorial page the last few days, along with a few other papers and blogs, I've decided that the President didn't jump into the phone booth soon enough to don his cape and tights and save New Orleans.

According to the second guessers he should have headed to Washington Saturday, not that he could have done any more from that location than he could from Texas. He'd already declared a federal state of emergency.

 And, if RFK jr is right, the added exhaust of AF 1 flying may have made the storm worse, since the plane would have flown over that area of the country.

Evindently from Washington the Prez could have ordered some sort of pre-emptive, unilateral action against the hurricane, though other writers would then have faulted him for not talking to the UN, or at least asking Katrina to leave first.

Finally, he should have flown personally to the area, and moved the Hurricane his own, causing it to head south or west, into South America or Mexico, where we could all have watched on TV, said what a shame, and sent a check to a phony charity that would really use the money to fund porn sights and new computer worms.


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