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Monday, August 22, 2005

Sorry Anon, No Page 10....

Mr. Anon-comment@blogger.com returned today, still screaming for page 10
of Jeanine Pirro's speech notes, which she didn't have when she
announced her candidacy. Evidently Anon is convinced I'm her speech
writer. I only wish I was some well connected pol's writer, it probably
pays better than my current gig.

As for the folks who e-mailed asking about why I have allowed the
anonymous comments, it's easy. I want folks to read them. The more the
better in fact. I want people to see the type of vitrol the supposedly
loving, caring left spews. In fact, I'm thinking of putting a link to
Ted Rall on my page, maybe if enough African-American's see a guy
calling Condi Rice a 'House Nigga' as Mr. Rall has in
the past, they will get the hint that the Democratic Party and left in
general are the 21st century plantation they aren't supposed to stray
from.(http://mhking.mu.nu/archives/034714.php , not the greatest source,
but an actual copy of his cartoon).

No, guys like Mr. Rall, Mr. Anon-commenter, and their like remind me of
why I quit voting for the Democratic Party exclusively quite a while
back; and now rarely vote for any of them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The left shouldn't be so nice, with douchebags like you. You need a good dose of the TRUTH to punch your teeth out.

Here is the TRUTH
Condi is an Aunt Jemimah house nigger.
Jeanine Pirro is a dumb bimbo, who happens to also be a Mafia whore.
She's a Mafia whore because of her Westchester dago of a husband whose dago pig in the Yonkers police force are so crooked they screw on their uniforms.

And no, it doesn't matter whether or who you vote for, Hillary Clinton will smash your feeble wannabe guido candidate.

And you might as well be Pirro's speechwriter, since your blog is so fucking shitty. You got 99 hits; I'm sure advertisers are going to notice you any day now.

8:16 PM  

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