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Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans

I'm sorry, but I'm having a problem having sympathy for a lot of the "victims" of Hurricane Katrina. Why? How can a person be so crass to not have sympathy. It's quite simple. If you had the ability, and opportunity to leave the city, but stayed because you lived through Camille or Betsy or some other storm, so you decided to stay, you deserve what ever you got.

Now, if you were unable to leave, I feel very sorry for you, my heart is crying for those who couldn't get out, those in nursing homes and hospitals, the elderly without transportation, etc. And I will send money to the Red Cross to try and help you, even though I know some of it will go to the nimwits who decided on their own to stay.

The other thing I'm getting ticked about is the idea that the federal government (ie, my taxes) should have been used earlier to reinforce the levee system in the city. I'm sorry, but why should I pay millions, or billions, to build levees for people who decide to live below sea level? If it was so important to the folks in New Orleans to have the system upgraded, they should have been putting money into it for the "decades" that the federal government has supposedly been ignoring them.

I lived in that area for a year, and loved it, but made a choice to not stay there, hurricanes being one of the big reasons. I do live near a coast now, but not on it, and while I may have to deal with the after effects of a hurricane, specifically tornades, I know that if I end up flooded hundreds of feet above sea level and 30 miles inland, then I should have built an ark.

To those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy, I feel for you. I feel very bad for those who are suffering those loses because of the stubborness of their loved one's and refusals to leave. But please don't ask me to morn  the person who stayed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cant believe you can be so careless. I hope you soon realize that someone you care about stayed; either because they couldnt leave, or wouldnt leave because they didnt want to leave their homes, or they wanted to stay to help others, or report back to others, or any other reason that people didn't leave. The point, that you have so aptly missed, is that they didnt leave. They are still there, and they are dying. They are starving to death, or dying of thirst, or disease that is quickly spreading. Only a complete moron and asshole could POSSIBLY think as you do that anyone deserves this, whether or not they chose to flee their homes. Did you spend an entire 5 minutes of your oh-so-important-life thinking of those lost in katrina? Or did you just feel the need to make some pointless comment because your consciense would be a little bothered if you didnt say something? Either way, you seem to be the type of person that believes he is somehow better than anyone else. How about you go down there right now? Get off your high-horse and just go and then try to say that you dont wish help upon these people. Because if you can still say that, you truly should rethink your assumption that you have a soul.

9:08 PM  

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