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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Is This Really The Biggest Problem in Her Life?

A visiting law school professor at the University of Iowa has decided to take on the football program. She's not angry that there are no women on the team, she's not mad about the number of scholarships football takes up.

Nope, she feels she's been injured by the fact that the visitors locker room is pink. That's right, by painting the locker room pink the football team is demeaning women, homosexuals, reinforcing sexual stereotypes, and just possibly could cause the end of the universe as we know it!

Here's my thought on it, if color of the visiting locker room at the football stadium is the biggest problem in her life, I want her life. In fact, if she doesn't switch places with me right now, I may have to sue!

Here's a link to the story....



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