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Sunday, October 23, 2005

PlameGate Will Have to Wrap This Week

The Grand Jury investigating the Valerie Plame "outing" wraps this week, meaning that if charges are to be filed, we'll know pretty soon. My guess is that we'll see a couple of perjury charges at best, and maybe an obstruction, but I'm not sure if even those will happen. Normally a "target letter" is sent well before the GJ ends it session, to allow the lawyers to try and work a deal before indictments are handed down, and so far no one has said they've gotten one.

Going back through the timeline of this, I found the second Robert Novak column on the matter, from October 2003. Pay close attention to the 3rd from last paragraph, which discusses the matter of Valerie Wilson's "secret identity". I knew I'd read this column before, but couldn't find it on the Sun Times where I normally read Novak.

That paragraph, written shortly after the Special Prosecutor was assigned points out a HUGE fact in the case that the MSM has completely ignored for over 2 years now. How could Libby, Rove, Miller, Cooper, or Novak been responsible for the "outing" of Ms. Plame, when prior to the July Novak column her covert name was already published, in the "Who's Who in America" listing Ambassador Wilson's wife as Valerie Elise Plame! (link to "Who's Who via Talkingpointsmemo.com)

I'm wondering if ol' Joe Wilson was called to testify, since he had to submit the paperwork for Who's Who, and would have been the one writing her name. Joe Wilson outed his own wife, if the publishing of her name is indeed a crime!

I think the saddest thing about the affair is it will probably be the end of Patrick Fitzgerald as a US Attorney, however it turns out. If he indicts Rove or Libby the right will call him a partisan hack, which he isn't. If he doesn't the left will use his work in Chicago dismantling Mayor Daley's patronage machine as proof he is one for the right. His term as US Attorney expires soon, and the firestorm around indictments or lack thereof while mean a replacement will probably be named.

Just something to chew on....


Blogger meesterjoneser said...

Prediction: It's Nada-Gate, a smear event destined to go nowhere.
2: Miller will be fired from the Times.
3: Keller, the editor, likewise
4: Sulzberger, the publisher, will apologize, AGAIN!
5. The MSM is knocked into a cocked hat again.


9:40 AM  

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