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Monday, October 24, 2005

Will the Spanish Issue an Arrest Warrant?

The Palestine Hotel in Baghdad was attacked by suicide bombers today. 3 vehicles, in a coordinated attack attempted to blow up the building. Speculation by one Iraqi minister was that they wanted to take foreign journalists as hostages. Another said that was only speculation, and since there were no gunmen following the car and truck bombers in, it probably wasn't so.

I'm wondering, if there were any Spanish journalists in the hotel will the courts in Spain issue warrants for the arrest of the leaders of the insurgency?

The other question is, now that they appear to be targets, will this change the tone of the some of the newsies over there?


Blogger Nedreck Milhunky said...

One can only hope it will change their attitude. Afterall, if these whacked out psychos can car bomb innocent children, how can journalists possibly think they are any safer just because of what they do for a living?

11:37 PM  
Blogger meesterjoneser said...

Journalistas are prime targets, for propaganda purposes. In the beginnning of an event, (war, coup ) the journalists are toured around the country "see what the evil Americans have done to the Baby Milk Factory" (remember that one?).

When the end is in sight, they're no longer useful for propaganda, and are expendable as tools for terror.(French reporter, Italian reporter hostage/killed)

The war's won in Iraq, what we're doing now is teaching 200,000 Iraquis under arms to mop up while we pack up to depart when the new Legislature is elected.

3:46 AM  

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