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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Don't Use Our Tactics!

The left is a little miffed that in the Corzine Forrester race for Governor of New Jersey Mr. Forrester has pulled a quote from Jon Corzine's wife out of the bag, and unleashed it.

When I saw the campaign ad where Andrea Forrester said, 'Doug never let his family down and he won't let New Jersey down,' all I could think was that Jon did let his family down and he'll probably let New Jersey down, too," said Joanne Corzine her quote was in the New York Times originally, an now the democrats are all in a tizzy about it. They've been talking about how trashy it is to drag Jon's ex wife in to the mix, and family matters should be left off the table.

But wait, this is the same party that in the 2004 Senate race for Illinois spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get Jack Ryan's divorce records unsealed, because "people had a right to know about his personal life".

So which is it guys? Are we supposed to know why marriages broke up for candidates and run that through the mud, or should we leave it out?

The Dem's opened this Pandora's box to get Barak Obama elected, now they have to live with the rest of the stuff that comes out of the box.


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