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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Oh Look, Hugo Chavez Hates Us!

The Summit of the Americas turned violent yesterday, the protests had been peaceful, but then folks started torching buildings, and police ended up firing tear gas into the crowds to get them to dispurse.

The reason, Hugo Chavez, the modern day Fidel Castro wannabe, was inciting the crowd. Chavez showed up with his protesters all carrying shovels, to "bury American style capitalism".

I'd suggest, since Hugo wants to be a communist, that he take a look around the world. Cuba is really the only true Soviet style communist country left, and they aren't exactly the picture of prosperity. China and Viet Nam have given up on socialism for the most part exept in their government, and have been working towards capitalist methods. All of Europe has gone capitalist. The model Hugo wants to use has been proven to not work.

It's really too bad, Venezuela was, until the arrival of Hugo, working towards being an exporter of more than oil. While the previous government wasn't exactly great, what they were doing was getting more of the country involved in the economy. Hugo is working on destroying a once thriving agricultural industry, driving the multi-nationals out that caused their non-oil expansion, and basically isolating Venezuela from the world.

José María Aznar (former Spanish PM) lashed out at Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and Cuban ruler Fidel Castro. In his opinion, they represent a destabilization danger and a model absolutely left behind, "in some cases, full of disturbing delusions."


Blogger Random10 said...

Chavez is going to continue to be a problem for the US as well as all of South America. In my opinion he is nothing more than a thief, plundering the oil wealth of Venezuela. I am also cynical enough to believe that due to the oil reserves in the country, America will eventually respond to limit his actions and influences. From what I am reading, he has undisputed ties with Castro for armaments and contacts within the Iranian government. The guerilla war against America has many fronts.

11:58 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Hopefully we do it quietly. I think the man will eventually have "an accident" but it could just as well come from his own continent. The leaders down there aren't crazy about him, either.

5:18 AM  

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