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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Funny Things Happen When Blogging

I went over to Camp Katrina the other day, they had up a post about the wierd hits they'd been getting since they broke a story on Heidi Fleiss's loss of a partner in her attempt to open a brothel for females, staffed by 20 studs with pezz dispensers full of Viagra.

Anyway, I left a comment on there about the strange places hits came from on here after I tossed up a post about the lesbian cheerleaders from the Panthers.

Here's what I got from Phil over at the Camp...
"...and you commented with this: "The lesibian Panthers Cheerleaders had the
same effect on my blog. I actually kept a few of the readers, who for some
reason still think it's a porn site." Well, guess what . . . I am getting hits
on my site now from the google query "lesbian cheerleaders" because of the
comment you posted.

Phil, glad I could be of some help generating traffic.


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