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Monday, November 07, 2005

Uh Oh, Zogby not Good To Dems

So anyway, I'm cruising the net at lunch today, and what do I find on WSJ Online? The October Zogby Poll for US Senate 2006 races. While the Dem's are salivating at the chance to take over congress, it doesn't really look like the slam dunk the left bloggers keep talking about.

In fact, there are only two races that the Democrats look to pick up seats, Pennsylvania and Ohio, where Santorum and DeWine have both been weak candidates before. But there are at least 4 states where Democrats could lose a seat. Right now the Zogby breakdown shows the Dem's, even if they got all of the "tied" races would still be the minority in the Senate. The races have a long way to go, about a year, but considering the October the GOP had, not gaining ground isn't good news for Democrats.


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