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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Backlash Buried on Page A10

Did anyone notice the amount of front page coverage Monday's immigrant rallies received in just about every paper in the country. I saw front pages from 3 states Monday, and 3 more Tuesday, that all had coverage of the rallies, and discussed the plight of the "poor illegal immigrants" in the US.

Then this morning, buried on A10 in the WashingtonPost, is the story of the growing backlash. I don't believe it a coincidence that it's buried on page 10, and not on page one. While lawmakers, and the media elite, want us to concentrate on the immigrants, no one wants to pay attention to the citizens who think the debate on Capital Hill is focusing on the wrong things.

The news doesn't cover counter protesters on this issue unless they are either violent, or extremely racist sounding folks. They don't want "Joe Average", who also has an opinion to be covered. Instead, they'd like you to equate yourself to the bigot if you want tougher immigration law.

Keep sending the bricks to congress (cost $11) to let them know people want a fence. Keep contacting them (most have a website with contact info), and let your Senator and Congressperson know that you'd like tougher laws, tougher enforcement of existing laws, and a secure border.

Ted Kennedy is the biggest pusher of the amnesty idea, if you disagree with him, go to his contact page, and let him know. Until he, and others pushing amnesty start getting tons of e-mail, faxes, and voice mail about the subject they won't get the hint.

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Blogger Paula said...

I don't want to be associated with EITHER side cuz both have their share of wackos and hateful peeps! So I'll do nothing, as usual. :)

12:05 PM  
Blogger Corie said...

We had about 75,000 marching where I live and we too had a counter protest that same day that only received maybe a 5 second spot on the 4 o'clock news. That was it.
All Americans need to do the same thing these illegals are doing and show OUR economic power (which is a million times more then any illegal can muster up!). Walk off our jobs and not purchase anything for a day. It would cause complete chaos, which unfortunately is the only thing that I think will get our elected officals to pay attention to the actual people that put them in office and pay their salaries instead of these people that offer them and us nothing. I'd do it in a heart beat! Anyone else with me?

12:42 PM  
Blogger ablur said...

I believe it is a dangerous thing to want to damage the very country you love. Focus on the politicians. We need to write, call and email. We need to completely bury them in demands to do what they have been elected to do and that is support those who put them in office.
I like the group who is sponsoring the "send a Brick" to your representative. Tell them to build a wall and offer them a brick to get started. The bricks are starting to pile up in DC already.
"A Good Border Policy Starts with a Billion Bricks" should be the motto.
We don't need to shut down the country we need to shut down the congress. They need to feel the power of the people.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Paula,unfortunately you are right, and it seems that the loudest wackos get the air time.

Corie- I get the sentiment, but don't think it would work too well. A "Boycott Mexico" movement might be nice. Don't by anything made in Mexico, don't go to their tourist resorts, etc. until they start working to help with the border issue.

Ablur, Hopefully everyone who read this used the form to tell Ted Kennedy how unhappy they are with his stand on the issue. Not that Ted listens, but maybe it would help a little.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Corie said...

While I understand what you're saying, and a one day event would certainly do some damage but it wouldn't devastate our country by any means. It would just be a wake up call that is clearly needed.
Unfortunately I have no faith in our elected officals when it comes to this issue anymore. We can write and call until we're blue in the face (it hasn't done a thing yet)....it won't matter. All our officals care about is money and power. We need to show them where the money and power truely is....with American citizens and not illegal immigrants because it's clear they're not seeing it that way right now.

10:35 AM  

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