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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How Partisan?

Want to know how partisan your current member of congress is? Wonder how often he or she votes with their party?

Jessica McBride has a link up to the Hill Monitor, where you can get that information.

For instance, Barack Obama, Senator from Illinois, mentioned this weekend that he's mulling a run for President, and is consistently praised in the Illinois media for independence. If you read the Hill Monitor Loyalty Rankings to check his independence they show he voted along party lines 94.97% of the time. That's more often than Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. Of course, he's got the State's senior Senator, Dick Durbin to emulate, who was just a tick ahead at 95%.

The rankings are interesting to look through if you want a way to get past the hype of the current crop of TV commericals. For instance, Mark Kirk who represents a district just south of me has been getting beat up by Dan Seals, his opponent for always voting with Bush. However, the "Loyalty Report" puts Kirk in the bottom 20% of Republican's for "party loyalty" along voting lines.

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Blogger Ted said...

Honestly, all this hype from the "drive by" media about how the Demos are going to sweep into power is just that HYPE! It's a way to stir up the left wing base, get more money from them and get the conservatives to stay home on election day. I for one don't believe a word the media says and this in one conservative who will be voting on November 7th.

As for Obama, the Chicago Sun Times did most of the dirty work several years ago in an attempt to get Jack Ryan to drop out of the race for the Senate. It worked and Obama got elected. Now the CST runs about 4 or 5 articles a day about Obama, including photos of him nearly everyday. This is a marketing and packaging ploy if I ever saw one.

The CST and Obama are forgetting one thing. The Clintons will destroy him just like they have many other people, if he tries to get in Hillary's way, in her quest for the White House. If they don't have anything on Obama, they will invent something or he will meet with a terrible accident. Either way, he is "toast" should he present a threat to Hillary's quest to be President in 08.

7:32 AM  
Blogger shoprat said...

To the MSM it's real easy. If you are a partisan Republican you support the GOP. If you're a partisan Democrat you support the DEM. If you are non-partisan you also support the DEM because the GOP is 100% partisan. There is no other explanation.

7:12 PM  

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