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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh Those Pesky Scandals

Seems that it's not only election season, but scandal season in politics. Over the last 10 days or so we've gotten to listen to the (endless) drone of the Foley affair, which has suddenly turned into a two party dance.

Evidently Democratic operatives have been shopping the five e-mails (not the instant messages) around to the media for nearly a year now, trying to get a story published about it, according to the Washington Post. This shouldn't come as a surprise, George Soro's funded CREW has been taking credit for giving them to the FBI, and bitching they didn't find them illegal.

Now the Democrats have other problems. Harry Reid is asking the Ethics Committee for advice on land sales (but not Abramoff cash). Evidently Harry can't figure out why folks would think it's sketchy to report a "private land sale" that occurred from a LLC he didn't own part of, but had sold the land to 3 years ago, and collect a million dollar check. And don't forget the part about the land being acquired through a government land swap Harry voted for in congress, there isn't anything fishy there, either.

And finally, here in the Midwest, Rod Blagojevich, Governor of Illinois had his top fund raiser indicted today for strong arming companies for millions in gifts, campaign donations and other favors, in return for investments from the Teacher's Pension Board.

Blago, as usual, is claiming not to know who "the certain public official" named in the indictment is. I'm sure many are speculating that it could be the great reformer who was going to clean up Illinois politics when elected in 2002, but we'll have to wait for Patrick Fitzgerald to name that person in another indictment.

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Blogger shoprat said...

Come on, the press will only report a scandal if the villain is conservative. Liberals are so good intentioned that they are given a pass on ethical behavior.

Watch the donks circle the wagons and scream "Witchhunt!"

2:36 PM  

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