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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Iraq's Leaders Get It, Democrats Don't

On the Sunday morning talk shows the Democrats were out showing that they don't get Iraq, and confirming the reason that people who do are afraid of them in power.

Carl Levin, the incoming chair of the House Armed Services Committee wants to push for a "phased withdrawl" starting in 4-6 months.

Harry Reid is also calling for "redeployment", but wants the generals on the ground to make the decision. I wonder, will his tune will change if General Pace and his group say it's a bad idea?

What if Howard Baker's group says a withdraw is a disaster, like the National Intelligence Estimate did? If that's the case then where do the Democrats go?

As I posted yesterday, Iraq's own leadership has denounced the idea of a timetable, and steadfast timelines, knowing it just starts a waiting game for the insurgents. But I don't expect the new Congressional leadership to listen to Iraq's government, they'll listen to themselves.

So here's today's question for the redeployment group: How is the Mid East, and world more stable, or secure, if we "redeploy" from Iraq, against their governments wishes, and without them being able to handle it on their own?

Secondly, where will we "redeploy" the troop to? (Search for Okinawa on my blog, you'll find why Murtha's plan won't work).

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