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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tale of Two Newsweek's

Newsweek, and the rest of the left leaning MSM tried to help out John Kerry early last week after his "stupid" joke.

Newsweek had an article in on Wednesday entitled "Bush's Nostalgia" claiming that the war of words that Kerry created by being unable to deliver a punch line was actually good for Democrats.

Now it's Saturday, and Newsweek has an article titled "Botched: Assessing the damage done to Democrats—and his own chances in ’08—by John Kerry’s epically flubbed joke."

In 72 short hours Newsweek has gone from "It's good for the Democrats" to "Crap, this hurt"; and proves the point of why news should be objective, not slanted. Had they covered the story as it was, a horrible piece of humor that could only have been worse for Democrats by happening a few days later, they'd have been fine.

Instead they tried to spin it as some sort of excellent piece of work by Kerry, refocusing the debate on Iraq. Then when they realized that spin wasn't working, they have to work the true angle. What it does is make Newsweek look like a shill for the DNC, and a poor one at that.

Kerry proves his own ineptitude and lack of political accumen though, with this comment:
“Is America a country where you can learn from something or isn’t it?” he asked. “Why did Ronald Reagan get to run four times for the nomination? Why is John McCain running for the second time? Didn’t he get his ass kicked around South Carolina by George Bush for not being patriotic enough?”

Even "Tricky Dick" Nixon got lots of extra chances. But in each of the cases that Kerry sited, and Nixon's, none of the people were as self absorbed, arrogant, or out of touch as Kerry. None made the type of gaffes Kerry has. None, through their own words painted themselves into corners like Toxic John has done.

Reagan and Nixon ran basically the same type of campaign each time they lost, but each time got more and more people to hear their message. Kerry's problem is that his message is one that doesn't resonate with people.

Nixon and Reagan each took over a decade to get people to understand them, but they didn't do it by treating them like they were too dumb to do it. Kerry on the other had has gotten everyone to understand him already; which is a huge problem for him.

H/T to Macsmind for pointing out the newest Newsweek article.

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