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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Commerical Lunacy

The perpetually offended crowd has found their new target, TV commericals. The Superbowl was kind of a super dud to me when it came to the ads this year, but a few got a lot of attention.

The K-Fed fryolator hulabaloo started before the game even aired, with folks saying that it was demeaning to fast food workers. Actually folks, it was FUNNY, and that was all. It wasn't directed as an insult, it was made to show how far the (supposedly) mighty can fall sometimes.

And besides, if you are Kevin Federlines age, and the best you can do is operating the fry machine, you should be laughed at.

The new uproar is over the Snickers commerical where two guys accidently touch lips while sharing a candy bar, and they decide they have to do something "manly" immediately, and rip hair from their chests.

A number of gay groups were outraged by the ad, calling it insulting to them. Get the hell over it, it was funny, and pretty damn realistic. Two straight guys generally react that way if the accidently touch hands, much less lips.

People, and I don't care if you make fries at McDonalds, or pack fudge at night, learn to laugh at yourselves, and quit your damn whining.

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