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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Al Gore Baseball Games Against Global Warming

This week the "Al Gore Baseball Games Against Global Warming" will be played in Milwaukee vice Cleveland between the Indians and the California Angels (I don't use the LA A of A name, it's stupid!). The games have been moved because an inverted global warming cell has appeared over Cleveland, causing massive snow fall and cold temperatures.

I'm serious about everything but the "Al Gore" thing, Major League Baseball has moved the Indians v. Angels series to Milwaukee's Miller Park because of the number of snowed out games in Cleveland and the difficulty in scheduling make up games. The retractable roof in Milwaukee makes the stadium a good venue for cold weather baseball games.

This is kind of a deja vu thing for the Indian's franchise. The movie Major League, which featured the Indians as baseballs loveable losers was actually filmed at Milwaukee's old County Stadium. This time though, the Indians don't get to borrow Bob Ueker, he's traveling with the Brewers in Florida this week.

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