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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

15 Percent

15 Percent isn't a big number. In baseball terms, .150 as a batting average would probably get you sent to the minors, unless you are a pitcher. A .150 winning percentage means, well, you are a loser. 15 Percent is really only a good number if it's your return on investment on something.

So, why does the media spend so much time on the idea of getting out of Iraq, when only 15% of the folks who answered an ABC News/Washington Post poll think it's the right thing to do?

That's a weird number, when you look at the rest of the poll, 61% say the war isn't worth fighting, but evidenly three quarters of them think we should stay anyway.

The reason for all the attention to, and love of, a withdraw is easy, the 15% are the "squeaky wheel". They are the folks who made the most noise for Democrats to control Congress and get us out of Iraq. That same group is the group making the most noise since the funding bill without a withdraw date was passed.

That group has declared "the surge" in Iraq a failure, but ignore a few realities about it; General Petreus made a statement yesterday (which I heard on the radio and can't find the reference to) about the state of the surge. Basically he reminded the report that he doesn't even have all the troops yet, that will be a few more weeks. He went on to tell them that in September, when he goes back to Congress they (the reporter) can have an update, since most of the major operations planned for the surge haven't even occurred yet.

To listen to that 15% though and their media mouthpieces, you'd think that all the troops had been there since the day after the surge was announced, and it's been a failure. The truth is, it hasn't really even started yet.

15% is a small number, and a small group. One we should probably stop listening to for the next few months, and instead listen to the folks who actually have a clue, like Petreus.

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