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Thursday, June 07, 2007


David Broder has an interesting op/ed piece today, called "Candidates Lacking A Real-World Clue", while I don't agree with him 100%, I'd have to put it in the high 80's.

He doesn't just jab at the right or the left, but instead all 18 declared candidates for the White House. He beats on the left for their stance on Iraq that disregards real world consequences, and the right for ideas on preempitive use of nuclear weapons and immigration reform.

I pretty much agree with him 100% on his whacking of Hillary and Barrack on their Iraq votes, and I agree with him applauding Joe Biden for taking a stand on his recent one.

While I don't think that any option should be off the table for Iran and it's nuclear program, casual talk of preemptive nuclear strikes does make me wonder about the folks talking about it.

On the topic of immigration reform I've said openly I'd like to see the current bill passed; and now I'm wavering on that support, and thinking the GOP candidates who are also jumping ship are on to something. Broder sees it differently, and doesn't understand the what all the fuss is about.

The immigration reform bill is a 300 page document, and since I haven't had time to finish a Ludlum novel lately, reading 300 pages of legislation isn't exactly on the front burner. However, Senator Jeff Sessions appears to have read it, and has 20 things that should worry people about the bill (h/t Charlie). After reading his points, I'd say kill it or amend it to death.

I'm wondering if Broder has read those 20 things yet, if he has and it doesn't bother him, and he still wants it passed, I'd say that's the 20% of his column I disagree with.

One thing David does forget is that it's still primary season. Candidates are talking to their base much more than the population in general, which explains a lot of the red meat rhetoric. However, all that rhetoric is on tape, or in the Congressional record to come back during the general election season.

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