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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What a day

What a Saturday. I usually don't work on weekends, however my boss called yesterday and said a company that has done a TON of business with us in the last year had an emergency, and wanted to have someone show up today to fix their problem. Considering my overtime rate, it was kind of hard to pass up.
The only problem was I'd promised the lovely wife I'd go out with her tonight to support a friend of hers who is competing in a statewide competition. Six hours of driving, and a few hours of work, then having to go out and be a supportive husband is going to make for along day.

Since this is her friend, I guess I'll have to go...

I mean, I'd hate to disappoint the wife, and all, you know.

A friend did ask today "Your WIFE asked you to go to the Hawaiian Tropic finals? Does she want a new car or something?"

Hell, even if she does (and even with the overtime) I can't afford one right now, so who cares!

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