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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Osama And The Democrats

Osama Bin Laden's latest tape sounds like a new commercial for Moveon.org, chastising Democrats for not ending the war in Iraq like they were elected to do. (Looking at his pictures, one wonders if George Soros paid for a beard dye job. Or maybe John Edwards barber made a trip to the cave, for $1200, to give him a touch up.)

I don't normally give MSNBC credit for anything (who'd notice, their six viewers?), but Tim Curry, on their website, gets his analysis of the political reality for Democrats and Iraq correct, and even slaps Moveon.org for their idea of attacking House Democrats who voted for funding. (h/t to Mac Ranger)

A lot of the far left of the Democratic party have forgotten that if they want to accomplish anything they need two things, a majority in congress, and strong leadership. They've got one of the two, but by their lack of success on anything; including Iraq; the other seems to be missing.

Curry correctly points out that most of the 83 Democrats who've voted to continue funding are mostly from districts that could well end up as GOP districts in any given election. By doing something could be seen, or construed, as "bad for the troops", they'd probably be cutting their own necks. This of course, would cause the Democrats to have zero of the two things they need to accomplish anything.

While Nancy Pelosi may not be a strong leader, she is a pragmatic one; and understands that the long term goals of the party are probably more important than the short term goal of it's far left wing. Unfortunately for her, Osama and George Soro's don't agree. One makes tapes to give her grief, the other is going to fund challengers to her party, who could cost them their majority.

On a related note, the Washington Post has an op/ed piece by Bruce Hoffman about why we shouldn't be concentrating on Osama, and should be looking instead forAyman al-Zawahiri, who seems to be running the show.

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