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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hugo Obama Hates the Media

Now we know the real villain in the health care debate, it's the media! At least according to President Hugo Barack Obama.

The president has decided that the reason there is so much contention over health care reform is that the media only covers raucous debates at town halls, not the productive ones. Of course the folks who have such meaningful debates are the one's who are stacking the meetings with there supporters. The folks having lotteries with pre-screened questions seem to be getting pretty friendly receptions to the ideas floating around DC.

I get a laugh out of Obama's indignation with the media. He didn't have a problem with two years of softball questions on the campaign trail. Evidently though, if Chris Matthews forgets to mention his tingling leg once a night, we have an evil media conspiracy going on.

Somehow (even though the Congression Budget Office calls it a untrue) the President is now claiming that two thirds of the cost of any new program, is going to come from efficiencies in the health care industry, so he'll only have to raise $30 billion in taxes a year. That would cover 38 million people, the number he used in Montana yesterday as requiring insurance. By the way it was 47 million last week, evidently 9 million folks found insurance recently.

I'm not sure what bung hole he pulled his numbers from, consider the conservative estimates have 50 million folks losing their private insurance if HR 3200 were to become law. The CBO estimates don't take that number into account, since they work with "static numbers", acting as though no business or person will change their behavior based on a new law.

So even if the President were right (and if pigs fly tomorrow), he'd actually have to cover around 85 million people, meaning more than double the tax increases. Where's that money coming from Mr. President?

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