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Monday, October 17, 2005

Hope for Ted Kennedy?

Maybe there is hope for Ted Kennedy. He recently tried to rescue 6 men trapped by rising waters off the family compound at Hyannis Port.

It's taken 36 years, but maybe his fear of the water is finally past him, and he won't let folks drown anymore, at least if there is good publicity in it for him.

It is worth noting that he tried to use a boat to get to them, and didn't actually swim out to help them, so he may still be working on some of his old hangups.

What he should have done was got that brave chick from NBC to come help, between the two of them, I'm sure they'd have gotten out there and got the guys off the jetty they were stuck on.


Blogger meesterjoneser said...

Teddy and the SS Kopechne just weren't fast enough apparently.

Old Ted's so fat he could have bobbed on out there and floated them all home.

In fact, he's gained so much weight he can hardly get into his OWN pants.

Nyuck, nyuck.



2:29 PM  

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