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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

All I can say is What a Dipshit!

I love reading Charlie Sykes blog at http://www.620wtmj.com.He's a talk host on a radio station I listen to when I'm at my northern Illinois (silent "s") abode. Today he posted a letter from a moron, about 9/11 and the next terrorist attack to mobilize more support for the war against "Isreal's enemies". The title of the post on Charlie's Blog is "Sick Anti-war Bigot"

Evidently the author doesn't believe that a 400,000 lb aircraft (767-200) with 20,000 gallons of fuel is enough force to drop the buildings (Or the 300,000 lb, 10,000 gallon 757-200).

He obviously missed the History Channel special on 9/11, in which members of the Trade Center design team noted that while they had modeled the idea of a 707 hitting the buildings (about 300,000 lbs in the 320B configuration) they had never taken into account the buring fuel and it's effect on the structure, thinking the sprinklers would probably take care of any fire. In fact a major reason for the exoskelton design of the buildings was to absorb the impact, which they did quite well.

The problem is, as anyone who's dealt with fire in enclosed spaces can tell you, heat is a bitch. And when you heat up say, 20,000 gallons of Jet A fuel, you're going to cause problems with the steel structures around it, causing collapses.

Though this idiot didn't bring it up, cyberspace is full of loons who say that the glass blowing out of the building is proof of demolition charges. BULLSHIT..... When the steel that holds up a concrete slab floor gives way, the concrete falls (gravity is a pain!), creating an area of great air pressure under it as it compresses, since the windows were the weak point, they blew out. If you still don't believe that, do a simple experiment, place some confetti on the floor, from a few feet above drop a pillow down on the confetti, and see if it says put, or moves outward from the pillow.

Sorry, but to all the folks who believe Isreal blew up the Trade Center so we'd start a war, your crap is getting old. I am glad Charlie posted the letter though, it reminds me of the numbskulls that are out there.

(thanks for the linkback Charlie)


Anonymous Politico the Younger said...

Hey, Appearently Charlie read your response, he linked back to this on his blog...

5:50 PM  
Blogger meesterjoneser said...

9-1-1. My son was there one hour after the blasts, and we watched the second plane hit here on TV. We live close enough that the southern wind would blow smoke up the Catskills.

One of the design "flaws" can be layed directely at the feet of screaming environmentalist who did not allow proper insulation of the steel members with asbestos, which we know, when covered and contained, poses no risk.

At least, our RINO Patak vetoed the so-called "Freedom Museum" the socialistas wanted to build at the feet of Ground Zero.

Regards, I'm adding a link for your site

Phantom Driver

1:03 PM  

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