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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rush Would be Crucified For This

The left is evidently very upset about the idea of Lt. Governor Steele from Maryland running for the US Senate. The kind folks at "The News Blog" have nicknamed the African American "Simple Sambo" for being a Republican, and even doctored a photo to put him in black face makeup, evidently if you are already black, but a Republican, you aren't truly black.

I don't know Mr. Steele, or even follow Maryland politics, though I live in the next state and work just a few miles from the state line. However, this is twice he's been whacked by the left. The first being when a couple of Democratic workers on Chuck Shumer's payroll ran an illegal credit check on him. What, you didn't hear about that... Oh yeah, the MSM ignored it. In these days of rampant fear of identity theft it's okay to do if you work for Chuck.

If you really want to get sick about it, though, go to the comments, it shows the left's true colors.

They show once again, their disdain for anyone who jumps from the Democratic party. So, Mr. Steele, through your decision to run, you've helped show the world the fallacy of the Democrats, that blacks are only useful if they vote for them, and run as them. Otherwise, you might as well be , well, a rich white guy.

Charlie Sykes has a pretty strong opinion on this one, too.


Blogger Griz said...

I souldn't have said it better.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Nedreck Milhunky said...

Absolutely dead on Bob. I did hear of the credit check, but cant exactly remember where. Certainly not plastered all over the MSM.

Another scenario that will have the races very confused will be if Condi Rice does run for president. All over the place, its looking like Hillary will be the Dem shoe-in. Also a big downside, and we should see this coming, is that if Condi does run - that Hillary will choose Barak Obama as her choice for VP. Talk about playing the race card.

10:39 PM  
Blogger meesterjoneser said...

Saving grace is that Hill's own Dems in NY do NOT want her to run, by a 2-1 margin! She is a CLINTON and cannot be elected. Condi would be a blowout!

Trust me, Hillary is DONE. She may get the nod in 2008 from the Dems, but the country has turned the corner and is getting more conservative daily.

Here's a point: Ten years ago, there were only 50 churches in the nation that had congregations of 2,000 or more.

Today that number is 1,200 (Source: Paul Harvey).

Guess who is not going to vote for Hilly?

Lots and lots of people round here got religion on 9-11. Up here, we could smell the smoke for weeks when the wind blew from the south, and about a hundred of our NYARNG were there (including my son)

When he returned, we both went to Wally World shopping, he in his BDU's, and we were constantly stopped by total strangers so they could congratulate him and thank him for his service. Old ladies were hugging him!

A lot of people have gotton their silt together, and Iraq has helped unify us in a way the mainstream doesn't want us to comprehend or know about.

Remember, if the Dems shout one thing, the opposite is true. "Bush's ratings are down! Most people oppose the war!"

BS on its face, considering the source. Like Rather, Miller, Blair,
they have no credibility.

One reason why they're so shrill now.
They know they've lost it.

The midterm elections will tell us more. The Left didn't expect the last midterm to turn out the way it did. Note that the Christian Right got blamed for that stunner.

This Scooter Libby crap is just that --ineffective attempt to slur Bush.

A: Nobody really cares in the general populace what happened --it doesn't affect them personally.
B: It's 3 years til the election and people have a short memory -- EXCEPT
where Hillary is concerned.

Most loathe her.


3:39 AM  

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