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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Duke Is Gone

Randy "Duke" Cunningham, a 19 year congressional rep, and Viet Nam fighter ace, resigned from congress this afternoon after pleading guilty to taking 2.5 million in bribes.

The exact date of his resignation isn't known yet, but what is known is there will be a special election to fill his seat. California law requires the election, instead of an appointment by the governor. So they get an election in January or February, a run off in March if needed, and then start all over again for the November election.

Chris Cillizza at the Post is reporting that it will be an immediate resignation, I'm guess based on the wording of Cunningham's press release, "I would like to plead guilty and begin serving a prison term".

While Dem's will work to make hay with this, they still have a few of their own under investigation, so they might actually have to stay a little quieter than normal. Though Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi staying quiet is hard to believe.

While I've defended Duke here when the investigation started, I will now admit he needs to go, and I'm glad he resigned, and admitted his guilt. That's how I think our elected officials should behave when caught doing something this serious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm to tired to start a fight that would end with "we're both right" so you're off the hook for tonight, Navy Boy!

BTW, 50 degrees in Bumm Phukk Arizona tonight! Out here we call that cold. I saw real cold during my time at Chanute AFB -- keep your head down bro!

Gawd I hated, err, where you live.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Get some sleep old man, come back and start the fight tomorrow.

It's not bad here in Va tonight, and supposed to be high 60's tomorrow.

Illinois though, that house will be cold tonight.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old man???

OK, that's fair. But I've been out of the service long enough to grow long hair (here I refer to "strands").

Keep safe and GTF off Big Al's Internet!

8:46 PM  

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