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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Today's Iraq News Round Up

Here's a quick round up of news and editorials concerning Iraq. I'd blog more but the wife and son just left, and now I have to clean the apartment (dog left lots of hair), catch up on laundry and do some grocery shopping.

First off , The Washington Post with an editorial on Torture (surprise) written by a law professor (surprise) who doesn't like the idea of humiliating those who would blow him up. I guess as long as they are blowing up Iraqis and not Americans it's okay to treat them with kid gloves.
(click "read the full post" for the rest of the story)
Same paper, different story, this time the Post is reporting that the Shiite's in Iraq are asking us to allow them to get tougher on the insurgents, saying until they can, they won't be able to defeat them. Does this stance go against subject number 1 above?

Newsweek has another Eleanor Clift opinion on Iraq, which rightfully says we're looking at a major pullout by next years mid-term elections. Unfortunately, IMHO, it'll be for political reasons, not because Iraq is ready to defend itself.

And more on Jose Padilla's case is also in the newest issue under Terror Watch.

Fareed Zakaria has a piece called "Panic is Not the Solution". He beats up the administration for it's conduct of the first two years of the war, but just as heavily hits Democrats for not concentrating on what's going on today in Iraq and trying to argue about 3 year old events.

Lone Pony has an article up about Ike Skelton, and his (democratic) opinion on Iraq, exit strategies, and the consequences of doing it wrong.

Postwatch has a good disection of the Washington Posts coverage of Commander in Grief Cindy Sheehan.

Camp Katrina has a great letter written by a soldier in Camp Bucca, Iraq about the local people, and their fight, MUST READ stuff!


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