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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Virginia's race for Governor didn't turn out to be as close as expected, with Tim Kaine (D) winning by about 100,000 votes. The GOP won the Lt. Governor seat that had been held by Kaine.

In California Gov. Ahhnald's ballot propositions all seem to have gone down in flames. Evidently a famous face doesn't outweight millions of union dollars spent on ads against the props.

Watch for the spin later today at all the lefty blogs.

First spin from the Chicago Tribune... Democrats win pair of statehousesVirginia, New Jersey contests served as referendums on GOP. Um, excuse me, but they didn't WIN the statehouses, they RETAINED them, there is a large difference. If you'd like to ask the writer of the article how this is a referendum on Bush, his e-mail is: jzeleny@tribune.com

And of course, the NY Times chimes in both in article, and editorial, again with the idea that two democrats keeping their states governor jobs is a huge victory for them.

Newsweek is also chiming in twice.


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