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Friday, November 11, 2005

More Calls for a Shakeup

Elenor Clift over at Newsweek has now joined the chorus that Rove has to go, though she's using the election results from Tuesday, and the Jordan bombings as her reasoning that Bush needs to shake up his cabinet and advisors.

HOOEY.... For one, to answer the question of why can't al-Zarqawi be easily captured? Easy, Iraq isn't a small place, and it's not over developed, it's easy to hide in mountains, farms, etc. We do know he's constantly moving, which makes it even tougher. And that statement begs the question, what exactly would getting rid of Rove or Rumsfeld do to speed it up?

Two, she makes the comment that the economy has to improve. It is improving, and has been for 3 years, the MSM is just loave to say it because if they do it would be like admitting the tax cuts worked, and they don't want to do that. Even after Katrina and Wilma job growth was up, not as much as folks would like, but unemployment is again at 5%, which is historically an inflation causing number, but we aren't experiencing inflation from it.

Bush may well shake up some of his advisors, but if he does it simply to get Clift and Newsweek and the folks at the NY Times off his back it's the wrong reason. If he does it because he thinks he's getting stale advice or the folks are burnt out, then it's the right reason.


Anonymous Coyote said...

I could say that I too think that Bush should not shake up his cabinet. The one he has now is tearing his administration down just fine.

But he has too. The administration as it stands is the one that came out FOR torture. They have besmirched the United States of America. The people who did that should be dragged out of their little dark corners into the light and named for the villians that they are.

7:10 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Actually, they came out for NOT using the Army Field Manual for interrigation as the sole legal document for talking to prisons, since al Qaeda and others have posted copies of it all over the net.

Silly to restrict yourself to a set of protocols that have been studied by the enemy, and where the counter techniques are so widely dissemenated.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Coyote said...

You are half right. One part of the amendment they are fighting requires the use of the Army field Manual as the standard for the interrogation of prisoners. The part they were most upset over is the part that wants to " prohibit cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of persons in the detention of the U.S. government." (You can read Sen. McCain's entire speech to the U.S. Senate here

First they wanted to kill it then they wanted to exclude the C.I.A. from the bill. That of course would make the C.I.A. our "designated torturers". I guess the would get special jackets or something.

Regardless we are not a nation of torturers. We are better than that. If we start acting like those we fight are we not then terrorists ourselves. Are the people that gave the orders to mistreat our captives guilty of crimes against humanity. Or just murder for letting some of the captives die in interrogation. There are stories out now like the one where a C.I.A. operative had a captive chained to the floor over night with no clothes on. He froze to death. Who would be guilty of his murder?

We are also creating our enemies. By torturing people we are supplying our enemies with the materials they need to construct the most dangerous weapon on the planet...a zealot.

11:04 AM  

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