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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraq Voting Begins

Today is the day Iraqi's go to the polls to vote for their parliment. There is obviously tons of coverage of this very historic event, both in the blog world and the "normal" media.

Washington Post has two articles on the subject. One is on the dangers being faced during the elections, the other on Ayad Allawi and his quest to keep the country from becoming an Islamic regime.

Iraq the Model is live blogging from Iraq for Pajama's Media (or whoever they are now). It's a really good read.

Clarity and Resolve has an article "Death Cult Electioneering" about Hammas and there desire to continue their Jihad. While it's about voting in the Palestinian Authority, it shows certain whack job groups are going to remain a problem in the region for a long while.

IraqPundit has a great article called Purple Reign, which rips a BBC reporter a new exhaust pipe for not understaning Iraq.

Hope this gets you started. If you've written something about this let me know, I may add it to the list of links.


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