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Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Disdain for Murtha

A couple of weeks ago I left a comment on Mark's blog, Knockin' On the Golden Door. It's and a follow up are below, in a slightly modified format based on some things that came out today, and to set context. Go to Mark's, read his post, which is quite good, and the comments to get a full feel for where this came from.

I used to have a lot of respect for John Murtha, during his time in service Murtha did have impecible creditials. Some of that has come under fire today, but I don't really give a rats ass about what he did nearly 40 years ago in Viet Nam. I'm more concerned with the here and now.
( I also don't care if John Kerry heard Nixon speak from the White House the Christmas before his inauguration or if George Bush missed a few Reserve Weekends to work on someone's campaign. It was almost forty fucking years ago!)

If you read my blog, you'll find that I've said (over and over and over) that for a lot of years when I was getting 1.5 and 2% pay raises so welfare could go up 6% I appreciated that he fought for the military to be treated better and get cost of living adjustments that met the cost of living.

However, of late he's chosen to express himself in ways that are not only intellectually dishonest, but quite possibly flat out lies.

I correspond with a number of Army/Marine parents who have spent a lot more time at Walter Reed (and other hospitals) than Murtha. Don't get me wrong, Murtha is there more than 99% of our other congress critters, but other folks are there for days and weeks at a time, while their soldiers are treated for their wounds.

They tell me that when they talk to the guys and gals there (remember, they are the wounded) that by a margin of 10 or 12 to 1 they would go back to Iraq or Afghanistan in a heartbeat.

While he talks about a broken Army, I talk to (future) son-in-law and his buddies, our office secretary's cousin, and others, who like what they do, & don't see the moral problem he claims exists. Most of these are guys and gals who have already done 1 year in Iraq and are getting ready for their second in the "sandbox". Many of them have re-enlisted, knowing what waits for them. Army retention last year was so high it made up for recuiting shortfalls, but don't tell the Congressman that.

And, every day when I go to work I see 200+ sailors who are happy with what they do, 90% of whom joined after the war started, and understand what they will be doing shortly.
So, in short, I think Murtha is pushing a political agenda, and like Kerry in '04 has been trotted out as the left's "disenting veteran".

I feel sorry for him because for years his party wouldn't give him the time of day, but now that they need a "respected military voice" he's suddenly their favorite son. When we do leave Iraq he'll be pushed back to the closet by Pelosi and Reid, to be rolled out again if they need a uniform to bolster their own lack of credibility.

As for his motiviation; which was also questioned on Mark's blog; Newsweek printed an article about that shortly after his original stand, and the House debacle on the "Withdraw Resolution". (Read the 4th paragraph). In the article they pointed out that He had a meeting with Nancy Pelosi and other leadership shortly before he made is first speech. In that meeting they decided they'd "send their Marine up the hill", while the more liberal end of the party stayed quiet.

Another reason I don't have much respect for him:(from the Village Voice)"Murtha's ties to his brother's lobbying firm are once again coming under scrutiny. Some 10 companies with ties to KSA Consulting, a lobbying firm where Murtha's brother Robert is a senior partner, got $20.8 million in defense contracts. The Los Angeles Times in June reported that the funding was passed as part of the Pentagon's overall $417 billion spending bill."

The same article details his trying to get the Navy to turn over Hunter's Point, in San Fransisco, to a development firm owned by Pelosi's brother.

Neither story has gotten much other press. But it's not like the Village Voice is some conservative rag trying to beat the guy up, it's probably as close to "The Voice" of the left as there is.

So, why do I have such a disdain for him? Because anyone who was/is in uniform, who willfully uses that status for partisan political purpose doesn't get my respect. John Murtha was, as far as I'm concerned a good Marine when he was a Marine. He used to be a good congressman. Now I think he's a partisan hack, doing Pelosi's bidding, and I'm wondering if it isn't for favors based on the two items above.

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette also has a good take on this.

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Blogger Mark said...

What goes on behind closed doors, politically, is the same shit that goes on in the private sector. Allegiances change, POV's change, and if no one's paying attention, dirty deeds get done dirt cheap for friends and relatives.

All of this makes Murtha look like a cad, no matter what his record is. But neither does it take away from his achievements as a Marine of 40 years ago. For that, he has my respect, for his recent political stance, he does not.

Same thing went for Kerry and Bush during the '04 election. I ultimately voted for Kerry, but not because of what he did in Vietnam, or didn't do. Nearly two years later, I am questioning why I voted for him at all given the Dems' position on Iraq and Israel, which I find repugnant.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

You're right about politics being very much like a board room. I understand why Pelosi and Co. sent Murtha up the hill, they have no credibility to go. I just don't like him agreeing to do it.

Bush or Kerry's service didn't make a difference to me. I didn't vote for either of them. I did find it amusing to watch each side try and dig up dirt why they bitched about the other side trying to dig up dirt.

8:44 PM  
Blogger shoprat said...

I just have to remind people that Benedict Arnold was a war hero too, before he changed sides.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

You are right on target, I totally agree with all your statements. Yeah, he is going to be on 60 minutes Sunday blowing his mouth off too. The MSM is already pushing it. I love that statement "congress critters" (LOL)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and adding me to your blogroll I'm honored by it. I felt that way too when Jay from Stop the ACLU wrote about wanting my blog on his...Surprised just like your comment thanks so much...(smiling big) I will do the same with yours. Looking forward to visiting with you in the future. GREAT POST!!

9:37 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Suzie - Can't take credit for "congress critters" I picked that up from a radio guy in Milwaukee a while back.

Luckily there is a large number of reruns on Sunday, which is what Murtha's appearance will be, a rerun of his tired lines. So I'll watch something else. Thanks for stopping by, love the picture by the way.

Shoprat - Have you e-mailed that to the Congressman yet? I may steal it from you and turn it into a tagline or something.

9:59 PM  
Blogger yankeemom said...

What amazes me is how they do the things they do and actually believe that everyone will buy it. And what amazes me further is how many people actually do buy it...
I'm surrounded by so many "believers" here that's it's not funny. I have heard all sorts of nonsense coming from well-educated, well-off folks who basically just listen to the MSM and most don't know what a blog is, never mind Milblogs.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Jon Swift said...

I hope everyone now realizes the consequences of disagreeing with our President.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

While it's brought on by his opposition to the president, it's called politics. It's not like folks haven't been smeared for decades when they disagreed with the White House. Or, for that matter with the opposition party. Hell, in the case of Iraq Joe Lieberman is the poster child for getting crapped on, and it's by his own party.

6:40 PM  

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