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Monday, November 13, 2006

No Doubts

There are no remaining doubts about the Democrat's course for Iraq. Nancy Pelosi has decided to back John Murtha for Majority Leader in the House, making Cut and Run (tm) the official policy for Iraq.

The move wont' be without cost to Pelosi, as she's stabbing Steny Hoyer from Maryland in the back, he's her current Minority Whip in the House. Hoyer has been a good at that job, and Pelosi originally said she was ticked that Murtha was going to challenge him for the number two post in the House.

John, of course, still doesn't get it. Pelosi used him as her "war horse" over the last year and a half, not really agreeing with him on anything but Iraq, but knowing she had to have someone with some military credibility as the point man on the subject.

Her endorsement of him now is for the same reason; Hoyer, while a good 'soldier' for the Democratic party isn't a former Marine, and therefore can't be called a military expert. Were it not for Iraq, Murtha would still be in a closet somewhere, and, if the Dem's get their way and we pull out quickly he might want to watch his back as they try and shove him back into it.

With the announcement, and his probably victory as House Majority Leader, the Democrats have already abandoned any pretense of a fresh look at Iraq and how best to handle it. It will be intersting to see how they handle Murtha's position if it conflicts with the Baker Hamilton group that is looking for solutions.

For more opinions on this check out Iowa Voice.

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