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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Read This Before You Vote!

Michael Kinsely of the Washington Post wants you to read "A New Direction for America," the 31 page booklet of how the House Democrats will run their chamber if they win today's election. He suggests you read the booklet after you vote; evidently he doesn't want the Democrats own words to sour voters on them on election day.

Maybe "A New Direction for America" is just a campaign document -- although it seems to have had no effect at all on the campaign. My fear is that the House Democrats might try to use it as a basis for governing.

I'm not sure what is scarier, Kinsely's conclusion above, or the fact that he didn't want you to read it until after you voted. Evidently misinformed, and or uninformed voters appeal to some folks in the media.....(that was a rhetorical statement).

Kinsely points out things that I've mentioned before concerning the Democrats "new direction"; the fact that there is a tax credit in the plan for just about everyone who breaths, a promise to return to Pay Go budgeting with no hint of where the cuts come from that would be required, or what they would do to raise revenue. And, of course, a trip down memory lane to Viet Nam.

The Democrats call their plan redeployment, but Kinsely reminds us what that really is:

Older readers may recognize this formula. It's Vietnamization -- the Nixon-Kissinger plan for extracting us from a previous mistake. But Vietnamization was not a plan for victory. It was a plan for what was called "peace with honor" and is now known as "defeat."
So letting another country be tossed onto the scrap heap of history is evidently the Democratic plan. In case they forgot it wasn't really a winner back in the 1970's.

Go vote today, but click the link above, and read the document before you do, and then ask yourself, "Who's paying for this" and "What are the consequences of that" when you do. If you realize that the consequences aren't more security, and that YOU are paying for all the give aways being promised then it should be a hint that you shouldn't vote for the folks who published it.

The second thing you should read before you vote today is "Seeing the Unseen, Pt. 1" at Eject! Eject! Eject! Bruno at Extreme Wisdom pointed it out, and it is a long, but worthwhile article. If you have time, give it a read. It explains how to defuse wonderful lefty arguements like the Chickenhawk arguement, or that Bush is obviously an idiot.

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