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Friday, March 12, 2010

Cool New Stuff

New Years Day I got a new Samsung Moment phone. It's one of those "android phones" that runs a slim version of Linux on it. So far I'm loving the thing, though I've been told I shouldn't since it doesn't have the latest and greatest version of Android. I'm thinking if I like this version this much, when the next update comes out in a month or so, I should be that much happier.

I can now get my home and work e-mail on the phone, which is great for those times I don't have my laptop set up and ready to use and need to read something from work. Today I found Google Synch, which allows me to synchronize the calendar on my phone (which is through gmail) and my outlook clients on both home and work computers.

So now instead of putting stuff into the phone, or the work or the home, or worse, all 3 calendars, if I put it in one within 3 hours or so all of them will be up to date. That's pretty handy.

Another cool toy I found today was a barcode scanner program. Hold a barcode up to the phone's camera. It will look it up, and then if you want search for the product online, and give you the prices. Not 100% accurate, but pretty cool to play with, should be great for checking prices in stores.

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