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Monday, October 17, 2005

Friggin ACLU!

Over at Right is Right they've posted a picture from California, a home owner hung a (fake) soldier in effigy on his home. The city required him to take it down to due to signage ordances, and guess who rushed to his defense, you guessed it, the American Criminal's Liberty Union.

30 or so years ago the ACLU did mostly good work, mostly helping folks who couldn't afford a decent legal defense. Today they've become the leading symbol of the lefts lack of connection to the real world and this universe.


Blogger meesterjoneser said...

Thanks for reading my blog, friend.

Those bustards (a sea bird) really went over my redline with that scenario.

May herpes take the lot of them.

Proud father of an American Soldier

12:49 PM  

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