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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More on Torture...

ABC News and the Washington Post are now reporting two detainee's were supposedly "tortured" in 2003. One claims he was put in a cage with a lions, put in front of a mock firing squad, and humilitated.

I don't buy the lions or the firing squad. Why? After Abu Grahib's original story broke everyone and his brother was interviewing detainees, and none of the other hundreds mentioned either of these tactics. Pretty hard to believe these were the only two guys who noticed lions in the compound.

So, the ACLU is suing on their behalf (SURPRISE!). In a 13 paragraph article, there is one devoted to the military response, "this is a legal matter, it will be handled as such, but it should not surprise anyone that detainees would make false allegations against their captors." That's it.

I wonder which script writer is doing the ACLU's work for them coming up with this crap.


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