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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Senate Brought to Screaching Halt, By Screaching Hissy Fit

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, in a normal show of partisanship, closed down the Senate today for two hours, invoking rule 21, a little used rule that allows for closed sessions of the chamber. Normally the rule is used because of security reasons. Today, it was so Harry could throw a hissy fit.

Harry Reid is mad, he's mad that the Intelligence committee hasn't completed all of the work on the WMD case for the war. He's probably even madder that EVERY Democrat on that committee has already voted in favor of a report that says there was NO ONE who used prewar intelligence for politics. He's so pissed about that 17-0 vote that he's directed the hold up the release of that report since February!

He's mad as hell that Bush won't resign, along with Cheney, Rove, and anyone who happens to be ahead of him in the succession line for the White House, since he knows it's his only shot at getting there.

He's really pissed that Patrick Fitzgerald ruined Fitzmas for all the Democrats, by not indicting Rove, and he wants answers on why, why wasn't the Evil One indicted dammit! He's made about the perjury indictment, that wasn't what Fitzmas was supposed to be about, it was supposed to be about the War, and that makes him madder.

Harry, I'll give you credit, you've played well to your base. Continue to do so, because the Democratic base is outnumbered by 3-2 by the GOP base. And as long as you keep acting like a kid who got grounded, you'll never attract anyone outside of it, and continue to lose elections.

BTW, the Washington Post has about 3 lines of GOP rebuttal to Harry's reasoning for the session, dedicating two full stories to the hissy fit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was just over the top. Gawd, I'm sick of this crap. Can't we all just start celebrating "Kill a Democrat Day" again?

Maybe twice a year?

8:58 PM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

They do it themselves, every 2 years during elections. The entire friggin' party is moving to the "Howard Dean Scream" mode, as though it's going to win them voters. Guess they didn't watch where there fearless leader went after his scream.

9:05 PM  

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