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Monday, May 29, 2006

Jim Doyle Business as Usual

In his usual fashion, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle (D) vetoed some very interesting bills on Friday afternoon. Why Friday? Easy, the majority of the media isn't very alert to things like vetos on holiday weekends. They have more important things to cover, like how to properly BBQ your bratwurst.

The bills he vetoed were more examples of the left not understanding mainstream America (or Wisconsin in this case).

First, he vetoed a bill that would require (gasp!) proof of citizenship to receive state aid! The bill required not only to ask, but document the proof that a person used to show they were a citizen before getting welfare or state medical assistance. The veto will only play to the base of the party, as it's already known that anyone other than them supports the idea that state aid should go to those legally entitled to it.

Many are predicting this will make Wisconsin an illegal alien magnet, which has already started since certain counties have ordered employees to not even ask immigration status.

Secondly, he vetoed legislative oversight of off reservation gambling establishments. Jim got his "Diamond Jim" moniker in part because of his sweet heart deal with the states tribes, since he is the sole arbitor of gaming compacts. By vetoing legislative oversight, he's now basically put out the message to the tribes, and interests who want off reservation gaming that the highest bidder will get their way, since he's in charge alone on the matter.

This veto just shows, like William Jefferson that corruption and buying of favors isn't something limited to Republicans as Nancy Pelosi would like us all to believe.

H/T to Jessica McBride and Charlie Sykes, who predicted the immigrant veto on his Friday morning show.

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