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Friday, May 05, 2006

Speaking of Price Gouging

Charlie Sykes of WTMJ radio has the list of Wisconsin Senators who voted against removing the state's required gas mark up of 9.1% (~25 cents per gallon).

The law, designed in the 1930's to curb predatory practices by oil companies has become an antique, who's only purpose is now to force consumers to pay more at the pump. With the FTC and states enforcing anti-dumping laws there is no need to force consumers to pay more for gas than necessary.

A much simpler law, that would allow station operators to determine their price would be to change the law to not allow selling below cost. If a station operator decided to sell gas at cost, or a minimum mark up, and try and make up the loss through convenience items, so be it. The consumer would be the winner.

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