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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stupid Political Moves

Both parties have proven in the last week since the election that they are capable of doing politically stupid things, in a major way.

Let's start with the GOP since I usually pile on the Democrats. Mel Martinez, a sitting Senator as the head of the Republican National Committee is a joke. The President made the announcement yesterday, and there is already tons of grumbling on a few different fronts.

First, he's as soft as they come on illegal immigration, something that a large amount of registered republicans would like to see fixed with out an amnesty program. Martinez's solution to the problem is more amnesty programs.

Second, he's going to be working part time somewhere, either the Senate or the RNC headquarters. Denny Hastert proved in the last year that capital hill isn't somewhere to put things on cruise control and allow the staff to run things; which means the RNC staff will probably be running the party.

Third, there are some serious conflicts between running the party and being a sitting Senator. Too many questions will come up about him doing what's best for the country in the Senate and what's politically expedient for his part time job of running the party.

My suggestion, the party rebukes Bush, and puts up with the flack from it. I mentioned a bunch of folks last week that would be good choices to head the RNC, Mike Steele from MD is going to be unemployed, wants the job, and would drive Howard Dean nuts. (Along with columnist Eugene Robinson, who thinks he's a 'token') .

To prove she can't be outdone, Nancy Pelosi puts her vote for Majority Leader in the House with Jack Murtha. He's become a lightning rod for the right, where his "cut and run" strategy in Iraq doesn't sit well. On the left even George Soros has him in the list of most corrupt congressmen. So much for cleaning up the "culture of corruption" evidently it will be rewarded with high ranking posts in her leadership.

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