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Friday, November 18, 2005

Anyone Got Some Rolaids?

Rumors are running rampant over who Patrick Fitzgerald is going to call before his next grand jury. He has stated that there will be another one to hear new evidence in the Plamegate (nadagate) case.

The big question is, who is it for? It may well be that it is for Bob Woodward (great post on him at Atlas Shrugs), who revelations earlier in the week of knowing VALERIE PLAME's name before Bob Novak's column was published has caused a lot of heartburn.

The Democrats have heartburn, because based on the Woodward information, Libby's timeline holds up better than Fitzgerald's timeline from the indictment. Plus it's already all over the wire that Rove and Cheney weren't Woodwards sources, pulling them farther from an indictment.

The Washington Post has heartburn, because their star reporter, it turns out, has been holding back from the Feds. They've already given that more page space than they give the Redskins on Monday morning. The Post Published another editorial on 11/19 concerning Woodward and the Nadagate/Plamegate affair, this time defending confidential sources.

Fitzgerald has heartburn, because he could look like a stooge here shortly, if it turns out Libby got the name from Woodward.

And finally, I've got heartburn, mostly because I ate the wrong thing for lunch.


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