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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Georgia Voter ID Rules

Anyone who's visited here regularly knows I'm a big fan of photo ID requirements to vote. If I need one to buy cold medicine, cigarettes, and beer, voting, which is more important, should require one too.

I've made a lot of fun of Wisconsin Governor Doyle for his drakonian measures to keep peoples sinus' plugged and their votes unverifiable. Which all leads me to the Washington Post story today about the Justice Department approving Georgia's latest incarnation of a Voter ID law.

Georgia is still required by the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to put any voting changes through a Justice Department review, which it did with this. Four of five people on the review team decided it was a bad law, but their decision was overturned by the AG's office, saying that the concerns they had were addressed well enough by the state.

If the administration would like to know why folk think they are unfriendly to minorities, this would be a good example. A judge has already put the law on hold, a three court appeals panel has upheld him, all on grounds that the law imposes an undue burden on minorities. Then Justice finds the same thing, and the AG office overrules them. That looks funny guys.

I want Georgia to have a voter ID requirement, along with all 49 other states, I think it's important to protect peoples votes. At the same time, people's right to vote has to be protected, and if that many folks (with decent legal brains) are concerned this law isn't doing it, then Georgia should fix it.

Postwatch has a good breakdown of the Washington Post article I've referenced in here.


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