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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Harry Is Pissed (And no one is surprised)

Harry Reid is pissed off about Alito's nomination. The "smoking gun" memo on abortion from his days in the Reagan Justice Department has pissed Harry off to no end.

Now (a few weeks later) he's really mad that the President didn't consult him, again, before making his choice. My question to Harry is, 'Were you going to suddenly come up with a new name on your list of acceptable people?'

Harry's pissed because the Prez had the gaul to talk to CONSERVATIVES about who he should nominate. Harry, you needed a college degree to figure out he wouldn't go ask the ACLU?

Harry is also full of shit. In today's memo (linked through the title of this), he claims that the last two nominees the president had meaningful consultations with him and Pat Leahy. Harry, did you forgot that you said it wasn't as much a consultation as it was the President telling you what he was going to do? Of course, you made that statement after NOW started beating your ass about getting serious on defeating Roberts.

More Democratic Rantings in the Nov. 17th Washington Post.
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