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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why Do I Work?

You know, most days I'm happy to be a miniscule cog in the vast military industrial complex machinery.

Then there are days like today. I walk in and there is a big envelope on my desk, containing a long company survey that had to be filled out first thing this morning. I answered, as usual, "Don't Know" on just about everything. I say just about, because there were about 6 questions that by answering the right way would let you avoid answering other questions. I like the easy way, I avoided lots of questions. Just think company policy will be set by thousands of workers taking the easy answers.

Then I logged into my e-mail. The group I'm contracted to is required to do a lovely course that takes about 40 minutes to load, and 20 to do, explaining the evils of human trafficking. Except the server is so busy I can't log in an do it.

Check some more e-mail.... Fill out this form by yesterday (it was sent at 4:15pm, yesterday and I work 7am-3:30!) or your network access will go away tomorrow (today). Filled out the form, the guy who wanted it yesterday isn't here yet. Evidently that alone has kept my net connection going.

So I checked the rest of my mail, oh, lovely, would you please do this quick (less than 2 hours!) course on violence in the workplace. Evidently they think all of us cogs are in some danger of breaking and becoming psycho postal worker type workplace killers. Half way through, the server locked up, and I got ZERO credit for what I've done so far (there is no save button, bastards!) This could make me snap!

In protest of all the useless junk I'm supposed to be doing, I decided to go have a cigarette (on Great American Smoke Out Day), and write an e-mail to my blog, then come back, do my actual job for an hour or so before lunch, and try and do their other "requirements" after I eat.

If I could just find an old rich woman with one foot on a banana peel and the other in a grave none of this would be an issue!

Update: Sudden onset of a severe sinus headache has caused me go home and try and die in peace. Damn daytime cold medicine has me squirrelly as hell though.

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